Bridge Builder & Walker

    Jorge creates bridges from mainstream culture to Archiarchal Regenerative Cultures, using the tools and distinctions from Possibility Management.

  • About Jorge

    Jorge is a lifelong researcher committed to Authenticity, Living Full Out, Transformation and Connection.


    Jorge holds space for the emergence of new cultures that are rooted in Radical Responsibility, Nature, Initiations, Collaboration and Love.


    Here are some ways to access Jorge's offerings:

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    Alchemist Tetrahedron

    Map Your World — A 4D Map, Compass & Game Dice.


    It's a 4-sided pyramid shape for working or playing with any map that contains 4 or 5 components, like the traditional indigenous medicine wheel, the 4 directions, the 4 elements (Fire, Water, Earth and Air), the 5 elements of Music (Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Silence & Love), etc.



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    Sourcing Your Feelings

    A 2-hour recorded worktalk where I share the foundational distinctions for learning why and how you could more consciously source your feelings.


    You didn't get taught this stuff in school.


    Your feelings and emotions are a vast resource available for you to source at all times.



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    1:1 Possibility Coaching Call

    Up to 2-hour online video call dedicated to sourcing non-linear possibilities, experiments, processes, distinctions, initiations, tools and maps for your necessity.


    This is a call packed up with GOLD where I give you all I got in these 2 hours.



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    Choose To Ignite

    Choose to Ignite is a 12-week-long Program for Men on their Path of Evolution who have an inspiring mission and are actively working towards creating new foundations for a regenerative world.


    This is the space through which you get the training, feedback and coaching that you need to bring your piece of the puzzle 🧩, your gifts, your life’s purpose forward to the world.

  • Get my Free 3-part Video Roadmap for Men Becoming Alive

    What is covered in the videos?

    • Sourcing Your Feelings. This module covers the current state of numbness that most men exist in, numbing strategies and the defence mechanisms that make them a dead machine. It paints the roadmap to growing their capacity to feel high-intensity adult feelings and to hold space for feelings.
    • Reclaiming Your Authority. This module explains how those of us that were born in mainstream culture and went to school were heavily conditioned to obey and give our center to an external authority. It paints a roadmap with practices and processes to reclaim your center, your voice and get your authority back so that you can become the author of your life.
    • Distilling Your Purpose. In this module we'll go through the different invisible forces that influence your behaviour. Inspiration, Vision, Purpose, Sabotaging, keeping you in endless repeating cycles, and stuck at certain levels playing a stupid game. In this module, I paint the roadmap to mapping out these invisible forces so that they don't have such a tight grip on your life and so they can actually become allies in your journey. As well as lay out the games that you could be creating or playing, and how the universe changes around you when you become committed.

  • Projects

    When I (Jorge) became aware of the games that I was unconsciously playing (Low Drama, Victimhood, being a good boy, manipulation, patriarchal man, irresponsible owning, etc.), this opened a doorway to see with clarity the gameworlds that I could be playing, and the Gameworlds that I have been designing for years.


    Gaian Gameworlds are regenerative, meaning that they don't suck the Earth and its living beings out of resources. Instead, they are contexted in Radical Responsibility, conscious acts, respect and giving back to the Earth.


    These are the Gameworlds that I'm creating, taking a stand for, evolving and playing. I'm ongoingly looking for other Gameworld builders to collaborate.

    Pee & Poo Bank Website

    Men: Becoming Alive

    A Gaian Gameworld dedicated to supporting Men go through authentic initiations into Adulthood and the Archetypal realms.


    Website: https://jorgepedret.notion.site/Men-Becoming-Alive-5b3b3f1e69944bde99db44b4a8066c41

    Culture Caravan Website

    A nomadic Nanonation dedicated to discovering and creating gentle ways of moving on the surface of the Earth, with the rhythms and cycles of life.


    Website: culturecaravan.xyz

    Mama's Village Website

    A Gameworld dedicated to creating support networks of mothers that play together, supporting each other to grow and evolve to exit toxic competition of Patriarchal culture and enter into a new realm of collaboration, teamwork, empowerment, healing and initiations.


    Website: mamasvillage.mystrikingly.com

    Archearchal Music

    A Gameworld that holds the space for musical expression and exploration, discovering pathways for gaining back your connection and power to make music, experiments to become a Music Experimenter, create your band, discover your authentic value, and much more.


    Website: archiarchalmusic.mystrikingly.com

    Pee & Poo Bank Website

    Pee & Poo Bank

    A Gameworld that aims to empower individuals, groups and organizations to take care of their own shit. Shifting the view of pee and poo as a dirty-unwanted-waste, to an essential valuable resource for generating biofuels and producing humanure for growing their own food.


    Website: peepoobank.mystrikingly.com

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    Email: jorgepedret@gmail.com

    Phone: +1-778-350-3330

    Current Timezone: Vancouver/Pacific Time (PT/PST/PDT)