Discovering a World of Play

From Surviving to Initiations and Gameworlds

In September 2021 I stumbled uppon the Gameworld of, which light up a whole world that was alive inside me. I discovered that StartOver is a game that shows that life can be as simple and complex as a game, and can be played as a game. This can be difficult to imagine when very horrible events are happening all over the world like wars, pandemics, deaths, violence, persecution, death of loved ones, extinctions, conflict from our inner world to our outer world, hatred, confusion, accusations, mental health crisis, division, etc.

I quickly learned a few distinctions that made it very clear for me:

  • Gameworlds are all around us. Money is a Gameworld, Credit Card, Bank Account, Mortgage, Phone, Car, Insurance, Marriage, School, Work, those are ALL Gameworlds.
  • Consciously or unconsciously we choose to participate in these Gameworlds. 
  • We give life to the Gameworlds that we participate in with our life energy, attention and participation.
  • Each Gameworld has one of these Levels of Responsibility
    • No responsibility, 
    • Child Level Responsibility, 
    • Adult Level Responsibility, 
    • High Level Responsibility and 
    • Radical Responsibility.

"The most basic irresponsible game that human beings play is called “personal survival”. The game of personal survival is irresponsible because it blatantly ignores recognizing that you are alive right now. Since you have already survived, there is no need to continue trying to survive. That would be like trying to drink while you are already drinking, trying to breathe while you are already breathing." - Map of Possibility

From learning these distinctions a whole world came alive inside of my being, reveling the language that I had been waiting for to unfold my wildest dreams, to bring forward the Gameworlds that I have been designing, to awaken my Warrior Earth Guardian, my Lover and Village Weaver, my Writer and Wizard, my Musician, my Gameworld Builder. It was also the time to face the unconscious parts of myself: My Gremlin, my Box, my Demons, my emotional triggers and wounds.

The unconscious Gameworlds of zero, or child or adult level responsibility, are making a mess without intentions to clean it up, consuming life on Earth and allowing for the ravaging to continue happening. I chose to become aware of the games that I was playing, consciously and unconsciously. So...

I decided to become an Experimenter and get initiated into my Emotions as an Adult Man. In December 2021 I committed to the 3-3-3 Initiation, which is a 3-month long initiation into my Adulthood where I would get my own experience of what it feels like to consciously express my anger at 100%.