Fail: Commitment to Expand The Box

What I learned from my commitment to go to Expand The Box

I committed to attend to an Expand the Box program running from March 30th to April 3rd. I didn't know how I would make it happen. I had no money and no way to get to Mexico where the program was being held. I asked for possibilities to my village in the Possibility Creation Village Telegram group. What I received back flipped my world upside down.

From what I knew how to do, I offered website design and digital services in exchange for money. I received a few requests and I received other possibilities of how I can deliver my nonmaterial value in a more fulfilling way.

I received the the possibility for holding space in the field of Music for "Discovering the Music in your Being". This possibility light up the space and I was encouraged to create this offering. I didn't know how it was going to go, and I discovered on the way how to do it, and this is how I found a way to deliver my value in a way that I felt ecstatic for me and that is deeply appreciated by others.

I was able to find the money for the flight and for the ETB program. I booked a flight to Mexico for March 27th. At last minute, when checking in for my boarding pass, I was turned down to my flight to Mexico because I dind't have the required vax papers, and wasn't able to get to the ETB.

I learned that the value of my being is not in what I do and what I have, but in my being itself, and in my internal map there was an association of my selfworth with doing or having things. The learning extended beyond my being and expanded to the group which helped to create a more clear context about what we value as a Next Culture village transitioning from material value to nonmaterial value.

Here's a worktalk from Clinton Callahan and Anne-Chloe Destremau on Nonmaterial Value:

 I'm in deep gratitude for my village and for the value that they have provided to my life. Thank you.