Choosing Love Is Also Choosing Fear

And Sadness, and Anger, and Joy...

There's no love without fear. Fear is part of love. This can be simply experienced when you think of someone that you love and you think that someone takes them away. The fear of loosing something that you love. Can anyone deny that?

I'm scared of writing this words because my feelings have an impact on the world. I'm scared of writing this words because I care for the people that are going to read this and I don't know how it's going to go for them.

Choosing Love is not only Choosing Fear. Fear is only one of the 4 feelings that we use in our Gameworld. In our New Map of Feelings there is 4 cuadrants with Anger, Joy, Fear and Sadness. In the center of this map, there's Love.

I'm sad that so many people, including myself, didn't have access to this map earlier. I carried a believe for the longest time that Fear was the opposite of Love, that Fear was bad, that Fear was the culprit of all the evil in the world, that Fear destroys anything that Love wants to create. It wasn't until I started practicing my feelings that I experienced Fear in a different way. Then, bing! I got it. My old map of feelings where Fear was the opposite of Love, reshaped into a new map, the map of 4 Feelings: Anger, Joy, Fear and Sadness, and in the center of this map, there's Love.

Anger, Joy, Fear and Sadness. Mad, Glad, Scared, Sad.

The new map is core for healing emotional wounds and for getting an accurate reading of your emotional body.

Phrases like "Fear will never overpower Love" reflects emotional immaturity. It's obvious with the new map that the role of fear is not to overpower love but to become an aspect of love, an extension of love, an essential and undeniable part of love.

There's big work to do. There's lots of misinformation about our feelings. The next biggest misconception is that there are "good feelings" and there are "bad feelings". This interpretation keep people in a victim state, in unconscious rescuers and persecutors. That we deem feelings as good or bad is simply a meaning that we arbitrarily assign to an experience (check out Teal Swan's video titled: Meaning. The Self Destruct Button). The new distinction is that Feelings (Anger, Joy, Fear, or Sadness) are neither good or bad, noeither possitive or negative, they are absolutely neutral energy and information.

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