Who's In The Center Of The Village?

And the consequences of putting children in the center

Putting the children at the center is like caring for the fruit, putting the mothers at the center is caring for the tree. If you put the fruit at the center you neglect the tree.

The conscious shift is to caring for the tree, caring for the mothers. Care for the mothers, and the mothers can hold the children and the village. What is up with that idea of picking an age group, or sex group, to be in the center of the circle. Nothing is in the center of the circle, like nothing is at the core of an apple.

Putting the children in the center of the village is child abuse, is giving away your responsibility as adults to to create the space for children, and you unconsciously delegate that responsibility to the children.

Putting the children in the center of the village is creating an invisible hierarchy, where it unconsciously states that the children are above/more important than the adults, this doesn't work in reality and it's not the way nature works. Circles within circles are a form of invisible hierarchies.