It's a Gremlin's World

Does your Gameworld have a plan for the Underworld?

We live in a Gremlin's world. All the unconscious shit that is happening in the background, behind the act that you've chosen to put up, yup, that's all being run by your Gremlin and other people's Gremlins.

Each one of us has a Gremlin, a force of nature that has helped us survive this world. Just go to a hospital and see how the children are born, how the children are sent to educational institutions at such an early age, how the indigenous people are treated, how mothers are unseen and overburden with responsibility, how from an early age children are constantly conditioned to hide their true nature, how there are corporations and countries creating war over resources that are consuming all life on planet Earth, how most of the people use numbing mechanisms to not feel the pain that they're in. I'm speaking generally here, you get the picture.

"Little girls and little boys, gather around, this is the place where anything is accepted, anything is ok, whatever you do there are no immediate consequences, just come and there's nothing you can do wrong, this is your space, finally, you have arrived, this is the place that you've been looking for all your life, just make yourself at home and be jolly, no parents or authorities to tell you what to do, no punishment, no consequences for your actions, do what feels natural to you and don't worry about the consequences, it's all meant to be, you have meant to arrive here, it's destiny, it's your destiny to arrive here, don't worry about anything, it's all love, welcome home, you have made it, now just relax and it will all be ok."

Does this remind you of something? Did you ever watched Pinnochio? This kind of Gameworld works for some time, until it doesn't. The intention of creating a Gameworld like this is noble and it comes from a deep true necessity: That we weren't held as children. Literaly held. We weren't held by our parents. We weren't held by our village. Probably there wasn't even a village. For some people there wasn't even parents. The results and consequences for creating a Gameworld like this are heart breaking. It becomes a field, a ground for unconscious Gremlins to feast, a Gremlin feeding frenzie, it attracts little boys and girls (uninitiated adult woman and man with a unconscious wounded child unhealed trauma).

Not long ago, newborns used to be held skin-to-skin by their mother (or mother and father) for the first 6 months of their life, breast fed, cared for. For the first 5-6 years of a child's life they accompanied their mother or father everywhere they went, they slept together next to their mother. The point being that most of us didn't get hold enough as child. We need this holding as child, without it the child dies.

There's a moment as a child when you faced the choice to die or to survive. Here you are, in this strange world, no one is providing the love and connection that you need to live, what you came here for is not here, "I came here for love and connection and I'm not getting it". What do you do? You die from heart break, or you decide to survive. Why? Why did you decide to survive? What evidence did you have? What was your purpose in surviving the lack of love and connection?

Your integrity and conscious principles say, I come here for love and connection. You don't find that and the purpose for being here is gone. To stay here, to survive, you break your integrity, you decide to change your commitment, a huge wound or fragmentation is created in your being, one that is in charge of creating the love and connection that you came here for, and another part that plans to revenge against this world for not providing the love and connection that you came here for.

You could say that your Gremlin is the underworld aspect of your higher self, or your lower self. The Gremlin is neither good or bad. It operates in the unconscious and if unaware of it, it will run your life as long as you remain unaware of it. The Gremlin is a part of you that made an agreement with your child self to survive. He or she has been there since the moment you were born or before, in the moment you broke your integrity the gremlin became the ruler of your world, until you have enough integrity to take your authority back.

When there's no awareness of the Gremlin, there's only space for Gremlin intimacy, meaning that the Gremlin will be the one running the show. What does this look like? Numbing strategies to not feel your feelings, indulging in fantasy worlds, disassociating, over eating, excessive watching TV, gossiping, excessive smoking, excessive talking, overworking, excessive exercising, avoiding responsibility, blaming yourself or others (this is a favorite one), distracting, confusing, unconsciously manipulating yourself and/or others, lying, to only name a few. The role of the uninitiated Gremlin is to keep you safe, to honor his part of the agreement to help you survive.

You can imagine what kind of village is created when there's no awareness of the Gremlin. A village where transformation is stagnant, or through inflicting more trauma, constantly in a state of defending one self, contracting instead of expanding, closed instead of open, blocked instead of flowing, it works for some time until the underworld takes over. The Gremlin feeding the space with victim stories, victim, persecutor and rescuer triangles.

The field of study of the Gremlin is huge and is actively under research in our village. The Initiated Gremlin is a Gremlin that someone has reestablished connection and created a new agreement with, after going through a healing process with their unconscious behaviors and other people's, taking note of the foods that the Gremlin eats and making the commitment to take care of oneself (Gremlin, I don't need you to take care of me anymore, from now on I take care of myself) and actually taking care of yourself, and a practice of regularly and consciously feeding your Gremlin and using his/her psychic and energetic abilities (Gremlin, tell me what are these people's Gremlin's up to?).

The transformation process goes from an uninitiated to an initiated Gremlin. This is an arduous process for sourcerers (people of source), not all the villager will go into the specialty of initiating their Gremlin, but there will be villagers with Initiated Gremlins who can bring distinctions and create different possibilities for them to heal their connect with their uninitiated gremlin.

To close it up, a Village, land-based or nomadic, that doesn't have awareness (distinctions, tools, maps and processes) for transformation of their Gremlin, is doomed to continue perpetuating the wounded child trauma, living in survival mode, hiding from each other, unprovided for, unheld, never able to really live full out, disempowered, giving away their power to a higher authority.

Only when you start noticing the avoiding, numbing and distracting, attitudes and behaviors, when the pain of living in that strategy becomes too big, void of love and connection, that pain will be the fuel for you to reclaim your integrity, your center, your sovereignty, your authority and create a new agreement with your Gremlin.