My Story About Money

10 years of immersive experiments with money


I want to share here some of the gold that I got from an Emotional Healing Process that I did on Tuesday where I had space held for me by Nicole. In this space I explored an energetic blockage that I have about MONEY. The doorway that triggered me was "I need money now. I'm powerless without money. I don't have money. I hate money."

A few weeks ago, I made a post on Facebook asking my network of friends for money for food. That post originated a chain reaction that brought back the money theme right in front of my face. Different people reached out, offering support in different ways. I reached out to my circle to ask for support. What is going on for me about Money?

About 9 years ago, I retired from working on the corporate/business world. In my alst job, I was working as a Web Programmer and Designer for an amazing organization dedicated to creating tools for publishing websites online. After 15 years of passionately working as in the tech world, I experienced a major shift in my life. I made the decision: I won't work for money anymore. I want to be outside. I want to discover my art. I want to make real changes in the world. I want to be an active component of protecting this world. Something else is possible.

So, I quit my job. I gave up my single unit apartment in downtown Vancouver. I gave away most of my belongings, recording studio equipment, music instruments, tech devices, etc. My bank account went to ZERO. I stopped filing up taxes forms. I abandoned the idea of living in an apartment. I reduced of all my belongings to whatever I could fit in a bag pack. I became a homeless person, moving around where the wind blew me. I abandoned my bank account eventually. I called myself a wanderer, a traveler, an apprentice of the unseen, a children of the Earth. I dedicated myself to re-connecting my being to nature, through nature immersions, getting lost, abroad traveling, ceremony, eating magic mushrooms, smoking cannabis and tobacco, exploring different ways of relating with the world, with myself and with others.

For over 7 years I've been avoiding the responsibility of money, I didn't want it, I rejected it, I had no place for it in my world. I depended on others to provide the money part for me, from my parents, to friends, to my partner, to government welfare. I went fasting, I asked and sometimes begged for money in the streets, I played music in the street for money, I took on sporadic unfulfilling construction jobs, I ate from the trash, I slept under bridges, many times (interestingly enough, as a coincidence from Earth Coincidence Control Office, last night I slept beside the bridge out in the open).

I resented the world for "doing this to me", for letting children, mothers and elders fall through the cracks of the system to a place where they don't have the resources for food, for shelter, for health. I resented the world for being capitalist, for supporting the exploitation of life for money. I resented the world for not making space for me, for killing me, for rejecting me. For the last 5 years me and my family have been 99% depending on government funding (money that the government gives to mothers for each child, around $1200/month per child until they are 13yo). I have been using my resentment for money to not take responsibility for it, I've been letting it slide, I've been eating from that money, surviving with that money, while resenting the world for being so ridiculously selfish, self-involved, narcissist, blind, insensitive.

OK, so where is all of this going?

Oh yeah, sharing the gold from my emotional healing process with Nicole. From what has been a lifetime of struggle with money, from witnessing my parent's own struggle and triumph with money, from going to school, then going to university, finding a job, making money, "having" a girlfriend/wife/partner, being successful, then giving it all away in search for something different, to the bare minimum, the scarcity, the struggle, the edges, the marginalized, the outcast, the undesirable, the beggar, the hunger, the misery, the looser. (My friend and teacher Sin Seo calls this last place: "Zero", the place of beginning). During my process with Nicole, she guided me to use my unmixed Anger to get to the message that was within me, this is what came out in loud shouts at the top of my lungs from my biggest anger, the gold that I want to share:

- I want a world where food does not equal money

- I want a world where trees cannot be sold or bought for money

- I want a world where mother earth is not sold for money

- I want a world where time is not money

- I want a world where the land and shelter is not money

- I want a world where children are not money

This messages come from the depths of my being, my Warrior, my Earth Guardian, the purpose that has been fueling this last 10 years of experimentation, most of the time alongside with Melissa Denuzzo, who has walked with me, supported me, loved me, encouraged me, grown with me, struggled with me, bared my seed and gave birth to our children. This problem that I have with money, I choose this problem, I want this problem, and as Melissa said to me: I am this problem.

My pain continues to be how far this world is from those things that my being so deeply want. So my journey now calls for a switch of experiment, creating bridges from the world as it right now (mother earth being exploited and life being exterminated at the fastest rate possible) to a world where regenerative cultures thrive, where all life forms are honored and respected.

If you wish to support me and my family in this journey these are some ways you can:

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I'm taking a stand for creating, stepping into and inhabiting a regenerative culture, for a culture that removes value from money and places it on relating, on intimacy, on connection, on love, on music, on nutrition, on nature, on life, on communication, on learning, on transformation, etc. For this, I show myself here, I make myself visible, this is me, this is my problem, I am this problem.

I need a team, I can't do this alone. Contact me if you want to be on my team and you want to know more. I need resources to make things happen, from getting domain names, paying for website hosting, app subscriptions, to the daily things like getting groceries, vehicle repairs and upgrades, check out our wishlist here:

If you want to learn more about the research field of Money and Next Culture, check out these possibilities:

- Ask me about joining the EHP Dojo space where you can get and/or exchange Emotional Healing Processes for changing the shape of your being to hold more 'matrix' with distinctions that make for a rich regenerative culture.

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- Join me in the Money Club ( starting on Tuesday October 11, for 5 Tuesdays (see the poster or ask me)

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- Research Gaias ( Gaias are a direct-value exchange system without a medium (meaning, without money).

- Research Gaian Gameworlds ( The distinction of Gameworlds changed my view of the world and created the clarity about the gameworlds that I am consciously or unconsciously giving life to.

- Become Money ( Do the experiments in this page to upgrade your standard throughtware about money.

- Research and experiment with Flowing Power ( These distinctions opened up doors for me of possibility and appreciation.

KLAP!!! I cavitate this space to create a new space where regenerative cultures thrive. I paint a hole in the space. I expand it wide open. I step into it. I close the hole behind me. I am this new space.

Will you join me?