Open Letter to Kanata

An inquiry about Hierarchy Organization

I've been reading about these alternative lawful landscapes that are springing from a term that I've learned as Common Law, the Common Law essentially states that all being are soverign and the human rights are the common law, I'm not the best at explaining this, perhaps I need to do more research into the language. What I really want to share here is the greatness of the worlds that are springing out of really understanding the core functioning of the law in creating sovereign nations.

In this case, I'm talking about the Republic of Kanata (, from their website: The Republic of Kanata is a sovereign nation of many nations that have broken free from the British monarchy and its tyrannical system of “crown law”.

This is exciting and at the same time terrifying. I'm excited that something is being done to break free from the current ties of power that keep exploiting the earth in search for something that serves the planet and its living beings, including rocks, rivers, people, animals, plants, clouds, etc. In their description of what they are they don't mention the word "hierarchy", they briefly mention how they are organized.

I wrote an email to them introducing myself and inviting them to consider the form of organization that they're using for their movement. I might have failed from the get go, giving solutions when none have been asked, but this might be a test of their level of responsibility level in regards to their commitment to being in service of their bright principles.

Here's the email I wrote to them:

Ahoy Republic of Kanata,

My name is Jorge Pedret, I'm a free being from the Gameworld of Culture Caravan, currently residing in the T'sou Ke Nation Territory commonly known as Sooke in Vancouver Island.

My intention of writing to you is to ask a few questions about the Republic. I read the "about page" and I'm turned on by the possibilities that this is creating and what it could bring in the future. I'm committed to your commitment for justice and for establishing an organization that serves the planet earth and all the living beings living in it, including humans. I want to sign the pledge to the Republic so that my gameworld/nation Culture Caravan can also exist alongside the republic.

I'm not ready to sign the pledge because nowhere I could read talking about "hierarchy" or about the organization of the republic. This is a fine subject that I've been dedicated to study in depth. My team who are cultural researchers and experimenters in human collaboration, has identified hierarchies as a flaw of design of human organization that allows for psychopaths to climb up the ladder to gain power, and this is only one of the disadvantages of it. If you want to read more about it, I invite you to check out this page from our research:

Our global team are passionate researchers and experimenters, everything that we do and find out is shared immediately as open source copyleft material accessible for anyone around the world to use it. We have a way of operating under a context that allows us each one of us to take responsibility as a whole without the need of having a hierarchy. We have members that evolve our team, members that invite/weave new and existing members, members that protect the team and the context of the team, and members that design games for playing.

So my questions are: What form of organization is the republic using? Are you aware of the hidden forms of hierarchy? Are you fully aware of the consequences of using hierarchy as a form of organization? Is it feasible, possible, wanted, desired for Kanata to change their form of organization from hierarchy to circular organization? Are you interested in going into a discovery call about what else could be possible?

I'd love to go on a discovery call with you at your time of convenience if this is something you want to go deeper into. Probably no one has asked this question before, and I feel scared that no one will ask it. Our team is really at the edge of cultural research and is important for me that I see that I do my dutie to inform you and other new revolutionary movements with the latest information from our research and the possibilities for upgrading so that we don't continue repeating the same atrocities against life.

Thank you for reading me and for your time.

With Love,Jorge Pedret


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