Where do the Adults Play?

A team journey into reclaiming your power to play full out.

I'm delighted to present an offering that has been cooking for the last few months:

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Where do the Adults play? A journey into reclaiming your power to play full out.

As children you were probably told over and over how bad, dangerous, childish, pointless playing is, you were punished and serious threats were made while you were deeply immersed in playing. You might have decided to cut off the play and get serious in life, put on a neutral face and carry on. Why is playing bad? What words were spoken to you so often and intensely that you began repeating them yourself over and over in your mind?

In the midst of global, environmental and societal collapse, reclaiming your power to play is one of the most responsible and rewarding things you can do for yourself and your village. The world is waiting for free-and-natural initiated adult human beings to play full out together.

Starting with a Free introductory call on Friday, July 29th, from 10am to 12pm PST, to give an overview of the journey, for asking questions and initiatory experiments.

Then, a 4-week journey during the month of August, meeting weekly on Fridays from 10am to 12pm PST (7-9pm CET, 5-7pm UTC+0).

  • Week 1, August 5th: Finding your X in the Map. Locating your Point of Origin. Shifting into First Position.
  • Week 2, August 12th: Building your Playing Team. Creating extraordinary invitations.
  • Week 3, August 19th: From mere surviving to playing full out. Shifting Identity.
  • Week 4, August 26th: Leveling up. Surprise Guests. Expanding The Box.

Investment: $80-120 CAD for the 4 sessions. The money received will be used for paying back to a generous Pirate, and to continue my training as a spaceholder.

To register email jorgepedret@gmail.com.

Please share with your circles of Nomads, Pirates, Sorcerers, Mages, Edgeworkers, Cultural Creatives, Village Weavers, Earth Guardians, Whole Permaculturists who might want to join the intro call or the 4-week journey.

Love, Adventure & Play on!